Letter 4 November 26, 2013

I am a Foster Parent in Edmonton and can say the media attention recently is not doing any justice to the 100’s of families and amazing Social workers who advocate tirelessly and care for these kids everyday despite being scrutinized beyond reason!

Before so quickly pointing fingers and putting blame on “a system of care” or using skewed facts and figures to help set a new platform, people need to realize that the amount of kids needing care is ever expanding and, especially after these articles, the amount of people willing to be a part of providing services with integrity is decreasing!

It is time we realize there is a BIGGER problem of children not being honoured in our society as pivotal to our future! Please be a part of the solution and to those you know involved in Social Services in any way give them respect and compassion, they are true warriors willing to fight for those who do not have a voice!

Foster parents and Social Workers are often under appreciated and unfairly criticized especially even more so after this media attention, their lives have become much more difficult in an already difficult profession few have stepped up to take on.